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New Phone Battery First Charge-Need, Methods And Charging Hour

When it comes to new phones’ or new battery charging, many people have myths. I have bought several phones, and each time I buy a new phone, I receive a lot of advice on how I should charge the phone, the number of hours the battery should be charged, and whether to charge it before use.

Some of this advice might be true, and others might be false. Many people buy new phones each day and do not know what to do with it before using it. With the current technological advancement, there are so many types of phones.

Some phones have removal batteries, while others have built-in batteries. But both of these battery types require some care when they are new. The first thing that you do to your battery when it is new might affect its functionality for the entire period.

Some manufacturers do not indicate what should be done to the new phone before using the user's manual. Therefore, I saw it wise to educate you on what you should do with your new phone before use or after the first charge.

You should pay attention to every detail so that we can overcome this issue once. This article is good for everyone because we all buy new phones. It is your duty now to follow me through.

Does the new phone battery need to be charged?

Most phones use lithium-ion batteries, making it not susceptible to any harm if charged or not charged before use. Lithium batteries are now the best battery types in the market.

Some years back, most batteries were made of nickel; thus, experts recommended that they be charged for about 8 to 12 hours. It is therefore advisable that you read the user's manual before using your phone. Reading the user's manual helps you understand the type of battery that your new phone has.

Manufacturers often charge the phone battery before sending it market. If you buy a new phone or a new battery, be sure it has undergone several charging hours before being shipped.

But this doesn't mean that you should not charge your battery before use. It brings no harm to charge it again before use. You can also use the phone immediately; you remove it from the box. It does not harm your battery at all.

All the phones manufactured currently are made of the lithium-ion battery; thus, you need not worry if you recently bought your phone or battery. You should not blame yourself if your battery fails after sometimes because batteries lose their ability to hold full charge capacity after a certain period of use.

How do you charge your new phone for the first time?

Most batteries currently come with charged batteries. But the batteries might not be fully charged; thus, you can use it or charge it before use. But you should be sure that the battery that came with your phone is a lithium-ion battery.

Failing to charge your phone correctly might damage the entire phone or the battery. To charge your phone for the first time;

  • Read the user's manual from your phone manufacturer. This will help you get any unique information for charging your phone the first time.
  • As stated earlier, most reputable phone manufacturing companies ship their products with the batteries charged around 60 percent. There is no need to charge your phone before use because it is already 60 percent.
  • Select the correct charging method. Some manufacturers give instructions on the methods that should be used to charge the phone.
  • Put off your phone before charging it. Manufacturers usually recommend that you turn off your phone before use unless stated otherwise by your phone manufacturer.
  • Plug the phone charger into the socket and connect it to your phone. Ensure that you charge your phone with a direct line AC power supply. Also, use a charger recommended by the manufacturer to avoid damaging your phone or your battery.
  • It is vital to ensure that the phone has attained a 100% charge before unplugging it. Most of us have this habit of charging their phones for a few minutes.
  • Lithium-ion batteries usually require 3 to 4 hours to attain full charge.

How long should I charge a new phone before the first time?

The time that you need to charge your phone before the first time varies. If you decide to charge your new phone immediately after removing it from the box, it will take less than one hour. This is because the batteries come when they are already charged. This time might be longer, depending on the amount of charge available in the battery.

But if you decide to drain your new phone battery before charging it, then the time will be longer. The most common batteries are lithium-ion batteries take 3 to 4 hours to attain full charge. The time varies because some people drain their batteries completely while others charge it before the phone goes off.

Nickel batteries take a more extended period to charge than lithium-ion batteries. Nickel batteries take 6 to 8 hours to attain full charge. But the good thing is nickel batteries are currently very few. Most manufacturers have opted to use lithium-ion batteries.


As we all know, phone batteries require little maintenance. Although phone batteries lose their charge holding capacity over time, they can last for an extended period. You should ensure that you are using a phone charger recommended but the manufacturer.

Also, you should ensure that you charge your battery to full capacity before using it. A full charge cycle is good for the health of your battery. Most phones now have current regulators responsible for restricting current flow once the phone has been fully charged.

Let us take good care of our phone batteries to avoid losses that you will accrue by replacing your phone batteries. Although manufacturers offer warranty conditions, it is good to keep your first battery safe until the end of its lifetime. We cannot live without our phones in this era of technology.




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