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Talent Development

We have always attached great importance to the

development of our employees. A dual-channel career development path is designed for them. Therefore,

an employee has the opportunity to get a higher

ranking as a general management or a specialized

talent, which provides a more focused and

clearer way for developing capabilities. Everyone's

growth and contribution can be shown through this

ranking system.

Inspire vitality and boost growth.

Greenway has been adhering to the core values of

"Customer-centric, Integrity, Innovation; Quality-driven, Safety, Reliable;Devotion, Respect, Growth". Through a professional training and career development

system, the vitality of the organization and individuals

is inspired. Employees grow together with the company and talents are cultivated for now and the future.


Work Environment


Located in a multifunctional industrial park designed

for work and living, the company's new headquarter

and manufacturing base was officially put into use in

October 2019. The office in the headquarter enjoys

comfortable and open environment,which is good for 

innovation and reflects Greenway’s culture.A spacious and comfortable leisure area allows employees to feel relaxed, communicate easily so as to improve

efficiency. There are a lot of green plants and wood

products in the office, which is full of modern style.

Xiaoweibao Child Care Centre

The company respects every employee, and also

cares about the growth of the second generation of

"Greenway”. The opening of the Xiaoweibao Child

Care Center represents the company's social

responsibilities and values, another welfare for Greenway's employees On the second floor of the villa

beside the headquarter, the Xiaoweibao Child Care

Center has a reading area , a DIY area, a homework

room, a Lego building room, and a TV room. The

environment is safe and comfortable.

Growth Camp

The growth training camp adopts the training mode of "training + doing", and conducts systematic training in the process of "cultural identity -knowledge conversion-behavior change-ability improvement-generating

performance". The company provides two molds of

training: internal and external training courses, 

covering all levels of employees. Through 

well-designed training arrangements, employees’

work ability and professionality are improved, the

learning atmosphere in the company is built up

After-work sports activities


The company organizes and establishes various types of sports clubs, with the purpose of enriching amateur cultural life, enhancing the physical fitness of

employees, and developing good living habits. It also provides financial support for various club activities

and regularly organizes sports competitions. Societies include basketball clubs, badminton clubs, table tennis clubs, mountaineering clubs, hiking clubs, fishing

clubs, etc.

Amusement Sporting games


The games are fun-centered, putting the participant's “experience of happy sports” as the primary purpose. These sports events are not only simple, funny and

exciting, but can convey happiness, increase

understanding, improve employees' sense of

cooperation and enterprising spirit, and enhance the

vitality of the team , creativity and cohesion.

Employee Activity

Company Annual Meeting

The annual company gala is like a "family event" for all employees. The main purpose is to express thanks 

to customers, inspire workers, have fun together and

improve organizational integrity. As the prelude for a

new a year’s work, in this gala, we will share our

strategies with our customers, sketch new charts for

the next year and increase the staff understanding of

company goals.